About amtrumble

A.M. Trumble Though she is known to the literary world as A.M., she doesn't really mind if you call her Amy. Twenty-eight, newly married, and a recent graduate she is feeling like a race horse right out of the gate. She considers herself a poet mostly, but has been known on occasion to write satirical plays, head up the marketing and sales department at her day job, and spout off her quirky point of view and irreverent humor. In the near future she plans to pursue an MFA in Poetry, facilitate writing groups, and teach creative writing at the college level. At the moment she is heading up her group identity found, a pursuit for identity through writing at writing our way home. You can find her poetry, as well as other writings (if you look around) at her blog Originals She is also a featured spoken word poet at Buddah Moskowitz's Virtual Poetry Reading and Buddah Moskowitz's Virtual Poetry Reading 2.0 and is published at a handful of stones. She dwells in an apartment with her adorable husband Joel in southeastern Pennsylvania, but always has an itch to travel.

Hello world!

i am a playwright. stay tuned.